Dining In Irving Texas

Best Dining In Irving Texas

Sandwiched between Fort Worth and Dallas Irving Texas has a lot of competition when it comes to dining options. However this is a city that does not disappoint. It can hold its own against the bright lights of Dallas – especially when it comes to the sheer variety of dining choices.

From family favorites to fine dining options Irving offers enormous choice for anyone who wants to not only sample the authentic tastes of Texans and the U.S. but also wants to seek out other cuisine which has its roots in countries across the globe.

There are any number of options for those who want to experience global cuisine – however there are some dining establishments which have become firm favorites with both locals and visitors.

The first is without doubt ‘Empa Mundo’. This is casual dining at its best. With a limited menu of empanada.

With Argentinian favorites like the criolla consisting of ground beef with onions, olives, raisins and eggs it is just as delicious as it sounds. But the owner Raul Gordon has also added an authentic Texas flair to the menu with cheese steak and Texas brisket versions.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the tastes of Texas a visit to ‘The Ranch At Las Colinas’ is highly recommended.

Here fresh fish from the Gulf and Kobe style beef form the southern plains of the state are the stars of the show. However, the farm to table style dining experience would not be complete without fresh vegetables from local producers. This venue combines style with a casual approach that will have every diner delighted with the experience.

The chef has provided meals that will make each dining experience a delight (aside from the steak and seafood). Diners are encouraged to try the wild boar stroganoff with fettuccine made with wild mushrooms, baby spinach and smothered in parmesan cheese. Or for those with a hankering for fish – the Redfish served with grilled asparagus and smothered with charred orange butter are both absolute delights.

For those who want that old style retro dining experience the ‘Local Diner’ is a great bet. Think 50’s and great burgers, as well as fantastic breakfasts of pancake stacks with ample syrup and you begin to get the idea.

There is simply so much choice in Irving it is difficult to single out a particular dining experience that stands head and shoulders above the rest.