Places To Eat In Irving TX

Stop By One Of These Places To Eat In Irving TX

This short list of four places to eat in Irving TX is going to be impressive. The city is host to quite a few wonderful restaurants, and where you eat depends on what sounds scrumptious at the moment. I’m hoping that one of the four Irving restaurants I’m going to tell you about ends up making a great stop for you and yours.

Let’s talk about Chapps Cafe first. The address for this restaurant is 2045 North State Highway. You can order up Nolan Ryan beef burgers at this dining establishment. Chapps Cafe is known for wings and great customer service, too, according to reviews. You can also order up great cajun fries there as well. If you think all of that sounds delicious, then look no further and stop at Chapps Cafe.

Of course there are other great restaurants to check out as well. The next one is Bruno’s Italian Restaurant. Located at 9462 North Macarthur Boulevard, Bruno’s Italian Restaurant is known for having quite the romantic setting. There is live piano music, and you get to enjoy a canal view as well. Order up fried calamari and all kinds of authentic Italian dishes that are quite scrumptious.

The next restaurant is The Slow Bone, which is located at 2234 Irving Boulevard. How would you like to eat fried chicken, brisket, fried okra and more? People say that the establishment serves up some delicious hush puppies, too, and the rib plate also makes the menu highlights. The Slow Bone is where you can order up some delicious barbecue in Irving, Texas.

Then you have a restaurant called Celebration. Celebration is located at 4503 West Lovers Lane, and it is known for its pot roast, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, rainbow trout and more. Jamaican jerk chicken also makes the highlights, and the reviews say that Celebration serves up a delicious peach cobbler as well. You’re talking about the freshest of foods and great home cooking. How about meatloaf and mimosas?

Three other restaurants that you can check out are Stratos Greek Taverna, Mike Anderson’s BBQ and Saviano’s Restaurant. Now you have four great restaurant registrations and a few bonus picks as well. It’s time to eat, and you’re going to see that each one of these places is golden. Now that you know where to go, well, you are ready to venture out into Irving TX and enjoy a nice meal.